W\L\ Europa No.765 Riccione, Italy

Europa No. 765

After the prestigious position the Italian Masonry had with the state from mid 1800's, Mussolini with the rise of fascism imposed to party members the ban to attend the Masonic lodge and then the fascist party approved the law against secret organizations. Many lodges were destroyed and the Italian Masonry was dissolved.

After World War II , with the return of democracy, the Masonic lodge members of the G\O\I\ began to raise the columns.
Pesaro, a city with great history and initiation, was one of the first cities in which the columns were raised. Lodge "Garibaldi" No. 145 was reborn here and the old Brotherhood of Rimini met and revived, as did the Brothers of the nearby Republic of San Marino.

In the early'70s, the conditions become favourable, so some Brethren began to think of establishing a Grande Oriente Lodge in the city of Rimini. Many Mason members came here on holiday from Bologna and other cities, many had summer houses, and because Rimini is a tourist town, it was easy to meet Mason Brothers, both Italian and European. The lack of a Masonic house was solved by meetings done in homes in the hinterland of Rimini owned by some authoritative Brothers, where they spent days and evenings together.

In truth, in Miramare di Rimini there was already operating a spurious Masonry tied to the military allies who served at the military airport of Rimini Miramare (Loggia purely Italo-American), which, however, did not reflect the territory and Riminese's culture .
This situation led the Rimini's BBro\ G\G\, M\M\, G\B\, A\G\, G\O\ and V\T\, together with the neighbouring Republic of San Marino BBro:. F\M\, G\M\, P\M\, I\C\, I\R\, D\B\ and G\Z\ to meet several times for this project: to found a Lodge of the G\O\I \at Rimini.
These Brothers were encouraged and comforted by the Lodge "Garibaldi" in Pesaro.
They decided to raise the Masonic columns in the city and decided that the name of the new lodge was to be "Europe", in order to honour the characteristic of universality of Rimini, the capital of European tourism, and to encourage the first steps that Italy, by then an emerging European state, was doing, .

Finally, on March 27th 1972, by Decree No. 134/Ls the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy, Lino Salvini, decreed the constitution of the Masonic lodge with the distinct name EUROPE No. 765, Orient of Rimini.

In 2002, Lodge "Europe" had the privilege to celebrate with a solemn celebration thirty years from its foundation.

In 2003, the BBro\ of San Marino, who in all these years had had an active part in the work of the Lodge "Europe", decided it was time to start their own Grand Lodge of the Serenissima Repubblica of San Marino, which was formed with the brotherly help of G\O\I\.
It must be recalled that both the first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino, F\M\, Br\ founder of "Europe" lodge and the current Grand Master Italo Casali, were on the list of our Lodge.

The Lodge "Europe" finds itself with a halfed list of members. But the work of BBro\ left made sure that the lodge strengthened by the income of new members mostly coming from nearby Riccione and Valconca areas from the southern province of Rimini.
The work that aimed to improve the fate of the Loggia "Europe" was then recognized by the Grand Orient of Italy, so that the Grand Master, Gustavo Raffi, awarded the Lodge the prestigious Award "Giordano Bruno".
The new identity of the Lodge was noticed in 2004, when the Masters of the Lodge have considered that the reality of the Lodge and members have changed from the time of foundation, for which it was requested and granted the transfer of Lodge "Europe" from the Orient Rimini to Riccione Orient .
Thus was formed Lodge "Europa" No. 765, Orient of Riccione.

The activity of the Lodge "Europa", both when it belonged to Orient Rimini, and even more after the passage to Riccione Orient, has always been very intense. Over the years, a lot of effort has been devoted to the training of Apprentices and Companions. There were many opportunities to study many cultural issues from esoteric, historical, social and current affairs. Also many opportunities for meetings with other BBro\ from other G\O\I \Lodges with periodic visits to and from other lodges.
But the peculiarity of the Lodge "Europe" has always been to keep to its name, wanting to strongly enlarge the horizons of Brotherhood beyond the borders of Italy. This includes the many initiatives taken in this direction.

In Luxembourg, it was held, on October 21-24 in 2004. the encounter between the W\L\ Les Enfants de la Concorde Fortifiée no\1 of Luxembourg and W\L\ Europa no\765, Orient Riccione. The meeting was organized in answer to the requested of the Luxembourg Lodge and its W\M\Constantin C\. The Riccione delegation participated at the work of the Lodge Luxembourg, reunited in ritual session during the work. In honour of Italian Brothers, a lecture entitled "Dante Alighieri et la comedie esoterique" was delivered. The M\V\Costantin C\ thanked the representatives of the Lodge "Europe" for the visit and noted the deep ties that exist between our Obediences. The work was attended by the Great Officers of the Grand Lodge of Luxembourg headed by the Grand Master, M\W\ Bro\ Ivan Bouvy. In his speech, the former Grand Master Victor Gillen stressed the deep ties between the state of Luxembourg and Italy and has expressed his consideration for all those Italians who for years have contributed to the development of Luxembourg. W:. L:. "Europe" gave greetings on behalf of the M\W\ Grand Master Gustavo Raffi and thanked the BBro\ of Luxembourg for their warm hospitality, and asked a reciprocal visit to strengthen further the ties between the BBro\Masons of the two countries. Throughout the period of the meeting, the BBro\ of Luxembourg have shown exquisite hospitality, accompanying the Italian delegation to the visit of the most interesting neighbourhood.


* * *

From 28 to 29 October 2005, the Lodge "Europe", went on a visit to Schloss Rosenau, Austria, at the invitation of the Grand Lodge of Austria. In this residence it is housed the oldest Masonic museum and a temple dating to the early eighteenth century, the first built in Europe. At the works were present the Director of the Museum and Dr. Rudiger Wolf, W\M \of the W\L\ "Cosmos" of Vienna and Dr. Bruno M\, Grand Representative of G\O\I\ at the V\G\L\ of Austria, the W\M\ Baltazar P\ of Lodge "On the Three Rivers" of Passau and five Brothers on visit in the Austrian Museum. On this occasion, the Lodge "Europe" has had the opportunity to work in the historic Temple of the museum, giving in a sugestive session the Degree of Master to our Brother Luigi D\. Bro:.Liborius C\, the speaker, thanked the Grand Lodge of Austria for the fraternal hospitality, he highlighted the manner in which the character of an universal ritual joins Brothers of several nations and even different continents in an ideal of dialogue and peace. It was hence further more strengthened the bonds of brotherhood, symbolically represented by the exchange of gifts and the call to build future opportunities for aggregation. La Lodge "Europe" has also donated to the Museum of Schloss Rosenau a medal commemorating the bicentenary of the G\O\I\, created by Bro\ Giorgio F\ .

Between 15 and July 17 of 2006 the "Europe" Lodge, at the request of the Grand Lodge of Austria and the Grand Master Michael Kraus, went to Vienna to attend the 250th anniversary of the birth, of Mozart, the great genius of music.
The Wien Da Ponte Institute and its Director, Prof. Herbert Lachmayer, had organized at the famous museum Albertina, an exhibition of artifacts recovered from Mozart Museums around the world.
The Lodge was honored in being personally guided by Professor Lachmayer who donated to the Lodge two brochures and a DVD about the show.
He has also conducted a tour of the last home of Mozart recently transformed into a permanent museum.
The Grand Lodge of Austria organized for the Lodge Europa  a tour in the Temples where the Wien Lodges work and finally in the Beautiful Grand Temple, which is used for the Grand Lodge and other important occasions.
The apex of the visit was the performance of the Opera of Wien where the most famous pieces by Mozart have been played.

* * *

On 14 December 2006, in the Agolanti castle hall of Riccione, during an Agape Ritual, the W\M \of Lodge "Europe" from Riccione, Luigi L\, geve a certificate membership, as Honorary Member of the above Lodge, to the G\ M \of G\O\I\, Gustavo Raffi.
On the same occasion, the G\O\I\ honoured the memory of the G\M\ of the Serenissima Gran Loggia di San Marino, Federico Micheloni, recently passed on Eternal Orient, who was founder of Lodge "Europa" of Riccione. G\M\ Gustavo Raffi, together with the other BBro\ present, thanked the Lodge "Europe", but at the same time wanted to recall with emotion the work and ideals that have marked Masonry throughout the life of Bro\ Federico Micheloni.

* * *

On the 9th , 10th and 11th of May 2008, it was held in Riccione the Ist International Symposium of "Europa" Lodges which brought together all the Lodge called "Europe" from Italy and the European countries. This symposium was designed, organized and conducted by the Loggia Europa No. 765, Orient of Riccione, led by W\M\ Luigi L\, and supported by the Grand Orient of Italy and by the Emilia Romagna District College. We all have expected that it would have been an excellent and useful occasion to convene all the Lodges called "Europa" of our continent who had enthusiastically joined the initiative .

The symposium was attended by nearly all the European lodges called Europa :

  • EUROPE 92-1078, Florence;
  • EUROPA 1165-Cagliari;
  • PEDEMONTNA-696 in Turin.
  • EUROPE Vienna;
  • Hermannus VAN-204 TONGEREN of Utrecht;
  • EUROPA UNITA-27 in Bucharest.

Warm messages were sent to the attendants by the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Austria, Michael Kraus, and by the Worshipful Masters of the lodges:

  • LES EUROPEENS-1051  of Neully sur Seine;
  • La Cité de l'Europe in Calais-1010;
  • EUROPE-901 in Rome.

On the evening of May 9 it was held a preliminary meeting between the Masters of the Lodges, in which it was decided to guarantee the continuity of this initiative and to maintain these meetings annually in different locations each year, starting from 2009, the year when the meeting will be held in Bucharest.
The Meeting began in the next morning, and its theme was Why I am called Lodge Europe".
The Worshipful Master Luigi L\ gave an introductory insight on the theme. The Mayor of Riccione brought the city's greetings to all the participants .

Those who then spoke were :

  • Brother Antonio P\; scientific director of Hiram who gave a memorable Lectio Magistralis on the theme: "Europe as a union of peoples";
  • The President of the College of the Worshipful Masters of Emilia-Romagna, Brother Gianfranco M\;
  • Brother Jannuzzelli A\; who delivered the fraternal greetings of the Grand Master of the G\O\I\, Brother Gustavo Raffi, who, unfortunately, was absent due to commitments abroad.
  • The Worshipful Masters of all Lodges; each one explained the history and motivation of the name "Europe".

The Ritual Session was held in the afternoon, at the grade of Entered Apprentice. Here, the W\M\ brought the greetings to, and again welcomed  all present Europe Lodges, and those who couldn't speak, who had sent warm and affectionate greetings. He said that the founding values of Europe must not know national boundaries, especially in a Masonic reality, where the universal brotherhood is an essential value.
The Ritual Session has been enhanced by a splendid musical background, performed by a prestigious duo of cellists.
At the end of the "works", the Brothers were reunited with relatives and friends and, in the superb setting of the Hotel des Bains Riccione, where was held the entire symposium, they attended the Gala Dinner, which also was highlighted by classic music performed by a set of strings.
In the morning of Sunday May 11 there was a guided tour of the fortress of San Leo, known not only for its architectural beauty, but also because it  includes the cell where Cagliostro was imprisoned.
The enthusiasm and harmony that characterized the Ist International Symposium of "Europe" Lodges have helped to reaffirm the spirit of brotherhood that animates Masons Fraternity, across any geographic boundary and above all the historical barriers that may have been created in Europe.

* * *

In Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria it was held in February 13-15 c.a. the meeting between the W\ L\ "Im Alpenland Rose", Orient of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and W\L\ "Europa" no: .765, Orient Riccione. The meeting was organized at the request of the Bavarian Lodge and its W\M\ Oliver Z\. On 14 February, the Riccione delegation, led by W\ M\ Liborius C\, has participated at the works of the Loggia "Rose Im Alpenland", reunited in ritual session. During the proceedings, it was read a paper entitled "The Oath".
The W\M \Oliver Z\ thanked the representatives of the Loggia "Europe" for the visit and noted the deep unions that exist between our Obediences.
Then spoke W\ M\ Liborius C\, representing the W\L\ "Europe" , bringing the greetings of the M\W\ Grand Master Gustavo Raffi and thanking the Bavarians Brothers for their warm hospitality, inviting them to return the visit in order to strengthen the already existent union between the Masonic Brothers of the two countries. There followed an exchange of gifts between the two WW\ MM\ on behalf of their lodges.
Throughout the meeting, the BBro\ of Garmisch-Partenkirchen have shown great hospitality, escorting the Italian delegation while visiting the most interesting tourist destinations.

Between the 8th and the 10th of May 2009, a large Delegation of Brethern of the Lodge "Europe" no:. 765 from the Orient of Riccione participated at the Works of the 2nd International Symposium of the Lodges called "Europe" held in Bucharest (Romania) and organized by the Lodge "United Europe" from the Orient of Bucharest.


Between the 15th and the 17th of May 2009, many Brethren of the Lodge "Europe" no:. 765 from the Orient of Riccione, following the Grand Master Gustavo Raffi, have visited the Grand Lodge of Montenegro, in order to strengthen and expand the bonds of friendship with the Montenegrin Brothern and lay the bases for the next Columns Rise of a new Lodge, which will be called "Europe".


The 22nd September 2009 exceptional "Ritual Work" wass held in the "Masonic House" of the Orient of of Riccione and was honoured by the important presence, for the first time in an Italian Lodge, of the Executive Secretary of the World Conference of Masonic Grand Lodges, Bro:. Thomas Jackson, who has really appreciated our Lodge.


Between the 2nd and the 4th October 2009 the Lodge Europe no:. 765 from the Orient of Riccione was invited by the Brothers of Belgrade to consecrate the raising of the Columns of the new Lodge Europe no. 27 of the Orient of Belgrade. On that occasion, our Whorshipful Master Brother Liborius C\ was proclaimed as Honorary Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia.


On the 23rd of October 2009, the Lodge "Rose im Alpenland" went to Riccione to attend the Rituals Works of our Lodge. We realized specifical Ritual Works and the Musical Table prepared for the guests was performed by the famous Musician Peppino Principe.


Between the 6th and the 8th of November 2009 the Brethren of our Lodge participated at the Celebration of the 20th Foundation Anniversary of the Lodge "Europa'92" from the Orient of Florence.


Between the 7th and the 9th of May 2010, the Brothers of the Lodge "Europe" no:. 765 from the Orient of Riccione participated at the Works of the 3rd International Symposium of the Lodges called "Europe", held in Cagliari and organized by the Brethren of the Lodge "Europe" from the Orient of Cagliari.


Between the 1st and the 3rd of October 2010, the Lodge Europe 765 from the Orient of Riccione was invited by the Grand Lodge of Bosnia to the Consecration and Raising of the Columns of the Lodge "Europe" from the Orient of Sarajevo. In accord to the particular symbolic value that the city of Sarajevo has, this Ceremony took place in an atmosphere of Brotherhood with a strong emotional impact, working with three Sacred Scriptures


On the 3rd of December 2010 the Worshipful Master of the Lodge Europe no:. 765 from the Orient of Riccione was invited by the Lodge "Theodor zu Burg Festen", Orient of Ingolstadt, and on the 4th, by the Lodge "Augusta" from the Orient of Augsburg. During these Meetings it was presented the project "Symposium" of the Lodges called "Europe", designed by our Lodge .


Between the 6th and the 8th of May 2011 the Brethren of Lodge Europe no:. 765 from the Orient of Riccione took part at the Works of the 4th International Symposium of the Lodges called "Europe", held at Longwy in France and organized by the Brethren of the Lodge "La Chaine d'Union Européenne" no.183 from the Orient of Longwy.

On July the 3rd, 2011, a Delegation from the Lodge Europe 765 from Riccione attended the Consecration Ceremony of the Lodge "Porta d'Europa" no:. 1390  from the Orient of Ispra (VA), held in the magnificent Castello Visconti di Somma Lombardo (VA). A new Ring is added to the Chain of the Lodges "Europe", with the help of our Lodge.


Between the 11th and the 13th of May 2012, the Brethren of Lodge "Europe" 765 from the Orient of Riccione took part at the Works of the 5th International Symposium of the Lodges called "Europe", held in Vienna in Austria and organized by the Brethren of the Lodge "Europe zu Neuen Welten" from the Orient of Vienna


Between the 10th and the 12th of May 2013, a large Delegation of Brethren of Lodge "Europe" 765 from the Orient of Riccione participated at the works of the 6th International Symposium of the Lodges called "Europe", held in Belgrade, organized by the Lodge "Europe" no:. 27 from the Orient of Belgrade.


The Lodge "Europe" continues to have contacts and keep in touch with many Italian and European Lodges able to transmit the spirit and enthusiasm to other European Brothers, who are now asking to rise the Columns of new Lodges to be called Europe, and so to join us in the Annual International Symposium.
Our Lodge has also actively contributed to the Consecration of the new Europe Lodges of Athens and Budapest.
The Symposium of the Lodges "Europe" was born in Riccione, has expanded and strengthened, building a solid chain and making a real contribution to the diffusion and interpretation of our Noble Principles that guide us in the hope that this will lead us towards a future more appropriated to the needs of the New Era in which we live.





Lodge Europa No.765 Orient of Riccione

On the days 9th, 10th and 11th of May 2008, was held in Riccione the "1st International Symposium of the "Europa" Lodges which brought together all the Lodges called "Europe" from Italy and the European countries.