W\L\ Europa Akaca a Matraaljan Gyongyos, Hungary

Európa Akáca a Mátraalján

Dear European Brethren – each one of you!

From or glorious past counting from 1782 several freemasonic historical past, the idea of establishing the 13th Hungarian lodge was coming after an architectural drawing (freemasonic signs and activities in Gyöngyös from 1906-1920) one of our brother. It has happened in 2006. After many work his mentor who became the first W\M\ of the new lodge had an exact view of continue the former activities 80 kilometers from Budapest. The idea was to join into one lodge together with brethren from the city Eger, oriented into the Galilei Lodge Or\Budapest. The -  ACATIAE EUROPEAE IN SINU MATRÀ – has been celebrating its first official ritual work in September 11th 2010, after having a ritual working permit from the Grand Symbolic Lodge of Hungary at the orient of Gyöngyös in June 6th 2010. Mainly our first 9 brothers were coming from two lodges, Deák Ferencz and Galilei from Budapest.

These forefathers engage hard work to the third - let me say - forth lodge, because two of the them were operated simultaneously in baroque age. Our lodge was founded by 9 brothers, and now in May of 2013, 24 of us work together.

Now we can say, that our lodge is one of the most colorful in the whole region. Our brothers were born mostly in 4 different countries, and having the most important 4 religions of the world together. Maybe this is the reason why  we explore and process as an exploratory lodge not only the Freemasonry, but the culture of micro region Mátralja also.

The  Franciscans moved The Supporter Center for Children with Autism into the half of their abbey. They nurse and teach 35 children – as much as they can - who are not affiliated into any other Hungarian institute because of serious status of their autism. The circumstances are demonstrated well, with the fact that 35 patients are nursed by 40 employees. We donated them the computers (previously they had only one). Finally they can plan now a complex and difficult drug (medicine) dosage program at the clinic, thanks to the  computers donated by us. One of the kid is a genius on the computers (he is not able to communicate in any other way, only via computer). We brought the computer to him too. Analyzing the situation, we support the institute for years according to their demand. In the beginning of this masonic year our lodge was donating 3 beds for the new Franciscan guesthouse in Gyöngyössolymos.

We help several schools in the town with the publications, prepared by us, which are used on field of polytechnic and linguistic. Hungary is in the middle of alteration circumstances. Based on our former calculation, 8-10 years are necessary to show the first results of our work in Gyöngyös, due to the our agenda.

Our code word is SUCCISA VIRESCIT, the carved tree gets green again.
Meanwhile we understand the common acacia, because the Freemasonry was forbidden and pursued for half of the century not only in Hungary, but around us also.


T. E.
W\M\ of Lodge Acatiae Europeae in sinu Matra Or\ Gyongyos 


Lodge Europa No.765 Orient of Riccione

On the days 9th, 10th and 11th of May 2008, was held in Riccione the "1st International Symposium of the "Europa" Lodges which brought together all the Lodges called "Europe" from Italy and the European countries.