Freemasonry is a way of achieving universality. It generally embodies itself in two kinds of structures: national and transnational ones. It is a characteristic of our days that transnational structures are built not only as a World Conference of Grand Lodges, but through the initiative and efforts of individual lodges seeking fraternal bonds and building bridges beyond national boundaries.

In this very spirit, our Italian Brothers working in the Lodge Europa no. 765 from Riccione, had the idea of uniting all the lodges from the continent which bear the name Europe in one assembly. The year was 2008 and, in order to achieve their goal, our Italian Brothers organized an international meeting and a symposium.

This first Symposium, held in Riccione, in 2008, was attended by Brothers from four countries and six lodges: Italy, represented by Europa from Riccione, Europa 92 from Firenze  and Europa no. 1165 from Cagliari; Austria, represented by Europa zu neuen Welten from Wien; France, represented by La Chaine d’Union Européene from Longwy; and Romania, represented by Europa Unita from Bucharest.

The general theme of the Symposium was "Why We Are Called Europe" and it highlighted the conscience of the European identity, a conscience that will become essential to the attendants and which will give them the wisdom, the strength and the beauty of their goals. Moreover, the idea of a Symposium was in itself an excellent ground for further meetings, as symposium means in Greek “banquet”, a great and powerful Masonic practice of fraternal love and joy.

The events of the year 2008 laid the foundation of Europe Lodges Assembly.

The next Symposium was held in Bucharest, in 2009, with the general theme "Freemasonry and the Idea of Europe". The theme speaks for itself and was thought to underline and highlight the feelings that animated the works from 2008. This Symposium was an important step in the history of the organization. Three major decisions have been issued in Bucharest: the appointment of an Executive Secretary; the decision to held our Symposia annually, in different towns and different countries, on the 9th of May (or as near as possible), because 9th of May is Europe’s Day; and, finally, the decision to print each year a book containing the papers of the Symposium and any other important document concerning the work of affiliated members.

The next Symposium was held in Cagliari, in 2010, with the general theme "The Role of Europe Lodges for Fraternity and Peace". In Cagliari we have reached another major agreement: to build a world-wide-web site for our Assembly.

Since then we’ve met, as agreed, in different towns and different countries, raising our Symposium to the level of an important cultural event. It is, to this day, the core of our common activity, and you can find, on this site, its history and many lectures delivered on the occasion.

Besides the annual assembly we enjoy many events of opportunity, mainly generated by celebrations. These are true expressions of Masonic life. In doing them, we are acting exactly as Masons, and everyone can feel it in his heart. For we meet Brothers, we visit places, we work together, we share experience and knowledge, we enjoy friendship and brotherhood.

But in order to keep things going well, we must keep on organizing; and in order to perform, which is a basic characteristic of Masonic life, we must begin to set up higher goals. Our ancestors said: Aquila non captat muscam. We definitely must aim to greatness.

The reason is to develop a major European binding of souls and minds, to rediscover the European destiny and vocation of our Fraternity. It is clear that now we must build as many bridges between people in Europe, as possible.  

Today we are 24 lodges from 12 countries. In ten years, we have more than doubled our number and enhanced our European goals. We have almost naturally experienced the great virtues and joys of fraternal love acting through all Europe, building bridges, building hope, rehabilitating mankind, sharing history. That is a very true Masonic experience and we intend to keep it going at maximum rate.

Being both old and the source of new is the great mystique of European spirit. This mystique, we think, is imbedded in Freemasonry.




Lodge Europa No.765 Orient of Riccione

On the days 9th, 10th and 11th of May 2008, was held in Riccione the "1st International Symposium of the "Europa" Lodges which brought together all the Lodges called "Europe" from Italy and the European countries.