W\L\ Europa No.27 Belgrade, Serbia

Europa No. 27

The idea of creating our Lodges came at the suggestion of our Honorary Grand Master Brother Braca C\, member and first Worshipful Master of the lodge "Europe" from Riccione, thus to be valued the position of the R\V\L\S\ in the European Masonry and the results it has achieved in recent years in its work and growth. The idea born in Rimini gained its definitive form at the Second Annual International Symposium of the "Europe Lodges", on 9 May 2009, on the EU anniversary in Romania, where were present Italian Lodges, French, Austrian, and Romanian Lodges. The initiative to expand the chain with one Lodge from the R\V\L\S\ was accepted with great approval, so we sent our delegation in Bucharest.

Representatives of the European Lodges then expressed their desire to come to Belgrade to the consecration and to bring the Light in, which is exactly what happened on a great ceremony held the 3rd October 2009. Today we are a small lodge of about 20 members with an extremely cosmopolitan spirit.

"Europe is today a reality, and what we, in Serbia, see as our future.

Therefore, the light that was introduced by our honoury G\M\, Bro\ Braca C\, himself resident of Europe, has a special implication, and makes this moment more symbolic in comparison with other Orients in which it was brought in, as the Light of the Lodge "Evropa" will be an essential spark that will further enhance the flame of changes in Serbia, a link that will strengthen the desire to attain the civilisation values of our time, to reinforce the need for progress of my people, to establish the awareness of the unavoidability of democracy, the inevitability of a more humane society, in a word - to get us closer to our basic Masonic goal to elevate man and mankind to humanity."

(from the sermons of the W\M\ of W\ L\ Evropa - Light introduction ceremony.)

1972 - in Riccione, Italy, the first lodge "Europe"was founded. Reasons were then healing wounds from World War II that remained in that part of Italy, and turning to new values.

1987 - in Florence, following political events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the brothers came to the conclusion that it was necessary to establish a Lodge with that name. The Lodge "Europe 92" was born. It got its name because the brothers believed that Europe will unite in 1992. It was a dream, an eagerness well known to us in these parts when it comes to joining Europe, when the realization of a great idea like the Union is, because nothing great can be created without having been dreamed first.

Why the name "Evropa"

Since ancient times, people of Europe have sought to unite the spirit in order to live together in peace, respecting different identity and sharing at the same time common values. Even the myth of Zeus and Europe is the emblem of Love, complicated but possible, between and among people and individuals of very different backgrounds. The well known motto of Europe is "Unity in Diversity", which means working together and coexisting, resulting from our various knowledge and identity, as well as common principles and values, resulting from our different experiences. The answer to this question can be found in the words of the W\M\ of G\O\I\, Gustavo Raffi:

"What European politicians cannot finish off, maybe the European F\M\ will be capable to build, together, with a common spirit of cooperation, commitment and dedication. Therefore, we can say that our Lodges, which choose Europe for their Masonic construction site, will never close the doors to our common values. "

In any case, whatever the reason for the name of our Lodges, it is at the same time international and unifying.

The concept of the Lodge "Evropa"

The Lodge "Evropa" is created from the Lodges, which in their vocation directly imply cosmopolitanism as are the Lodges "Garibaldi", "Amadeus", "Vajfert" and "Pupin".

The credo of Lodge "Evropa" is to develop, in addition to the basic Masonic values, ideals such as cosmopolitanism and bonding with brothers from Europe on future joint works. Lodge "Evropa" is a St John lodge that works on all three degrees according to the R\V\L\S\ ritual - a modified Schroeder ritual.

Logo of Lodge "Evropa". It is read:
First ring The Sun, the Light, the all-seeing eye and the Pythagorean triangle as Euro symbol of civilization First ring - Free Masonry in general
Second ring Symbol of a united Europe 12 stars in the colors of the Union Second ring - Evropa
Third ring Bilingual inscription in two alphabets, the correlation between universal - local Third ring Lodge name and RVLS affiliation

all together symbolizes the motion from universal to particular.

Has Masonry today, after the European unification and globalization, ran out of good ideas?

Is Freemasonry a used and out of date organization? One part of the Grand Opera is completed and behind us, but the magic of Alchemy goes on, and our dreams are slowly becoming reality. But if we pretend to be a powerful spiritual society, we have to put new energy into ideas, and we have to place the human being in the heart of all our deeds. Man must be the focus of our attention because it is through him and for him that the principles of brotherhood, equality and freedom are implemented. Masonry has today the ability, not to interfere in the internal affairs of the state or to lobby for certain political parties, but to analyze and advise people from the standpoint of its own principles and values.

Our task is to create a better man for the community and the society with high moral values and rich spirituality.



Lodge Europa No.765 Orient of Riccione

On the days 9th, 10th and 11th of May 2008, was held in Riccione the "1st International Symposium of the "Europa" Lodges which brought together all the Lodges called "Europe" from Italy and the European countries.