[…] whereby Masonry becomes the Center of Union, and the Means of conciliating true Friendship among Persons that must have remain’d at a perpetual Distance.(James Anderson – The Constitutions of the Free-Masons, The Charges of a Free-Mason, Charge I - Concerning God and Religion, 1723)

Adam WeishauptIn 1784 Karl Theodor, Elector of Bavaria, finally discovers the real goals of his much trusted friends, The Illuminati. This powerful group of great minds, led by Adam Weishaupt, wanted to establish a new world order, mainly by destroying the reign of kings and the influence of the Church. The Elector was so shocked by the amount of the conspiracy, that he ordered all Illuminati documents be published. And they were published in five volumes, between the years 1787-1794, showing beyond any doubt the extent, the greatness, the horror and the aim of the Illuminati conspiracy to reshape Europe.

This is practically the moment when Freemasonry begins to be largely accused of interfering with the political development of Europe. The accusations were based upon the Illuminati literature and the French revolution, which seemed to be, up to a day, the very implementation of the Illuminati ideas. One century later, Pope Leon XIII wrote, in Humanum Genus, that Freemasonry was guilty of preaching human rights, democracy and naturalism (a form of rationalism mixed with pagan religion). By 1884, when Humanum Genus was issued, it was quite clear that Freemasonry is really advocating human rights and democracy; and many of its lodges were actively involved in the creation of the United States of Europe.Illuminati-an Initiation

All human groups shape their environment. This fundamental action generates culture and civilization. So it was quite natural for large and successful human groups to elaborate projects implying the shaping of their world. An European project designed by thinkers coming from within the Masonic mentality is a normal and predictable thing. Today it is common knowledge that the United States of Europe and the United States of America were the two great political projects issued from Masonic societies during the last decades of the 18th century. They were based upon two major concepts, human rights and democracy, for which Freemasonry was held responsible and highly vilified at the time. The two projects had different destinies: one was put into work quickly and successfully, the other required a long strategy and has experienced a painfully birth.

As I am speaking to you now in Italy, I must point out that one of the greatest heroes of the United States of Europe is Giuseppe Mazzini,Giuseppe Mazzini who conceived the unification of his country as a step to the unification of whole Europe and even enlarged his Giovine Italia up to the point that in 1840 he could built a Giovine Europa structure. (It is well known that, later, this Giovine Europa will inspire a group of Turk Brothers to create the Young Turks, a secret society which will reform Turkey, updating it with European civilization). As I am speaking to so many French Brothers, I must stress out that the first draft of Human Rights Charter in Europe was the work of Lafayette, that extraordinary Mason and carbonaro who not only discussed the concept of United States of Europe, but is, perhaps, one of the first leaders to devise the strategy by which this concept was implemented.

As history will prove in the next two hundred years, this strategy had two stages: the creation of political nations by destroying European Empires and the creation of European Union by reassembling the puzzle. The Masonic involvement is clear during the first stage, which culminated in the trenches of the First World War, a major event defined by the French Brother André Lebey as guerre sainte, holy war, the holy war of Universal Freemasonry.

The Second World War, however, was something different: a terrifying attempt to impose the creation of the United States of Europe on harsh totalitarian grounds. This totalitarian solution is also very well defined in the Illuminati documents and was developed by two apparently opposite movements, Russian Communism and German Nazism, which represent, in fact, the two sides of the same coin, forged in the Bavarian lodges of the Illuminati. The advent of Communism and Nazism struck a great blow at everything that meant European Masonry, both from a spiritual and from a physical point of view. That great body of organizations never fully recovered.

Overwhelmed, confused, gravely wounded, the European Masonry could not win the Second World War by itself. Moreover, the Illuminati mask worn by Communists confused liberal lodges even afterwards, during the Cold War. The second stage of building the United States of Europe began, but only half Europe was available. In this second stage European Freemasonry was no more the driving force. But the building blocks and the building plans remained absolutely compatible with Masonic principles. European Union started to emerge: fully based on human rights and on democracy. The work has acquired its own life; it had its own generating power.

European FlagThe European Union contains the great legacy of European Masonry. In fact, if I think now at the love story developed last century during the ’60es between some liberal and agnostic Great Orients and the Soviet Union; or if I think at the amazing history of the P2 Lodge, I should say that the European Union contains the legacy of European Masonry despite European Masonry. But I don’t want to go so far.

During the last two years I have heard words about a Masonic Reconquista. It was all about a delegation from the Grand Orients of France and Portugal and from the French Federation of Droit Humain, all irregular bodies, who had managed to meet Mr. José-Manuel Barroso. They were preparing a new fight against the Church and they were very proud that such an important character, as Mr. Barroso, accepted to meet them. If this is a reconquista, it is a very sad one.

But I agree that something must be done. We must come back into this great game. As a matter of fact, it is our old game. I am convinced that European Freemasonry can become the guardian angel of European Union. History has proved us that here, in Europe, a guardian angel is necessary. And one of the first steps is to find a way to coordinate our efforts and information. The irregular bodies have already created a pan-European entity called The International Masonic Assembly. Maybe we should try to create a pan-European entity, too.

Europe is worth the try, as you know better than me.


Radu Comănescu
Past W\M\ of Europa Unită Lodge No.27, Or\ Bucharest


Lodge Europa No.765 Orient of Riccione

On the days 9th, 10th and 11th of May 2008, was held in Riccione the "1st International Symposium of the "Europa" Lodges which brought together all the Lodges called "Europe" from Italy and the European countries.