Along with my Cagliaritano Brethren, I wish to express our immense joy and celebration on this our tenth year as a Lodge. I offer my best wishes to them and many fulfilling and happy moments during their Work. They need to dedicate their enthusiasm and relentless creative capabilities to continue the arduous and exulted task to acheive the objective which is the very title of this Symposium.

European lineThis entusiasm and capability can be recognised as reflected in the organisation of this initiative. Here, at the third meeting of the “Europe” Lodges of Europe, all Brethren will have the opportunity to debate a subject never more challenging and ambitious in its purpose: Can Masonry encourage the integration of the European people? The answer seems all too apparent. As any Lodge of the Orient knows, it is the Trinity of “Liberty, Brotherhood, and Equality”.

The objectives indicated today can be achieved in part. The method to achieve these objectives is through the incessant and internal esoteric Work, stemming from the use of the ancient ways of tradition and initiatory. The Works of the Lodge, “Europa” Lodge, for me, personally, are united. Slowly, they grew within me, a small and humble Mason from a provincial Lodge, a need to discover a way to contribute. From my mind, sprouted the concept of an ideal unity and the integration of Europe. Every moment of life has its meaning of profundity and intimacy.

Reflections mature through different experiences. Between them, they superimpose and slowly create doubt and worry that torment and force us to find the right solutions. Sometimes, the solutions that we find satisfy only our egos, the essence of “Ratio Intima”, but also the concrete aspect of a complex personality. For me, this realisation came during the reflections of my childhood. I often looked back at the years of my transformation to man and citizen. I remember, even if only fleeting, moments that which would signal change in me. The war in the little town of my birth has long gone.

The terrible devastation of the 2nd World War, during the century of Nationalisms, has long gone. With it, the concepts of humanity, affection were replaced by the creation of tortured minds, the massacre of people and family.

The nations, the victors and the defeated looked upon each other with distrust. Italy was remade a second time. Then, finally the Republic, Democracy and Liberty! What became of Democracy? What became of Liberty? The Democracy of displaced people? The Democracy of emigrant workers? The black market workers? What of the Marcinelle miners who died, their corpses, traded for the coal supply needed to redevelop our country? What of Mazzini who wanted equality for all men? Equality of mind and between people and nations? Yes! This is what I sought, what I yearned for! Unfortunately, the horizon was not lit by the light of integration, solidarity, brotherhood and equality between people. Nothing would ever be the same. Europe was divided and occuppied. Then, a tiny glitter of light slowly arose, the first glimpse of Europe. Today, finally, Europe exists once more. A European people who communicate, even if in diversity, but are they united? Unfortunately not!

The Governments of Europe, with their national economies and financial interests at heart, overlook the interests of the individual and that of the people. It's not my place to recount the history of Europe, both past and present. This is not within the scope of our Symposium. My motivation is a sincere desire to create an atmosphere thoughout Europe which affords a meeting ground for all its people. For that reason, we are gathered here together.

My family education gave me the chance to develop and then, with all the enthusiasm of a young man of 20, a vocation that has remained within me for life. The bond of our Brotherhood, like the spirit of Mazzini, was transformed in the roots of an individual mind, motivating me towards a serious commitment, a profound and intimate search for that sublime collective mind that I share with you my Brethren, this wish to do good for all mankind in the glory of the “Grand Architect of the Universe”.

Giovanni VenerucciMy Masonic destiny was born in a Lodge with the distinctive name of: GIOVANNI VENERUCCI. He was a young Riminese, a follower of Mazzini's Young Italy, sacrificed in a Rovito glen along with the Bandiera Brethren. A destiny that sometimes guides us. When I went to the Europe Lodge, I was made “Worshipful Master”. I undertook this responsibility, together with the Work of the brethren, increasing the growth of the“Treasure” of the Lodge and the “G:.O:.I:.”, adding another significance to the title “Europa”, Queen of Crete.

According to legend, the Mediterranean and our continent was named after the mythical “Europa”, thus a European was born. Zeus fell in love with her and gave her the constellation of Taurus. Today, we are in the Zodiac sign of Taurus, illuminating our purpose, our brotherhood, reinforcing our solidarity and fraternity for this very institution that bears our distinctive title.

Two years ago, I accepted, from you, without question, an invitation to meet and demonstrate how from every soul of our profound being can arise the desire for brotherhood between strangers that had only one common link: “Masonry and Europe”. Fortunately, today our group of Lodges and people are bound together to further advance our purpose. Our very being, every day, illustrates how much our Brotherhood can do towards the integration between people.

One of the instruments we can use to bind this integration is that each regular Masonry can have just one Europe Lodge to attain our values along with our inspiration. We miss, within our community, a Greek Lodge. An emptiness that we must fill, more that any other, from that nation from which we take our myth.

The first indication of good fortune within this project came in Belgrade with the birth of the first Europe Lodge within the Slavinian Countries. Today, we are gathered for the third symposium. Two years have passed since Riccione, when it was wonderful to see different Lodges of Europe conjugated. There, we reinforced and developed a strong message that was received by our Grand Lodges.

The horizon of brotherhoodDear Brethren,  our duty is to reinforce and gather strength from the “Esoteric Chain of Union”, to give esoteric and profane sustenance to our symposium. We have need of a great amalgamation between us in order to bring the message of peace and brotherhood, by means of our industrious esoteric spirituality, to the profane world.

A need for a higher concept, even if the Brothers of different ethnic orgins and nationalities, without conflict, already work together for soldarity and peaceful integration of the people. I believe that we can talk of peace, freedom and equality but it is nothing without concrete action. It is a fact, it is true that the Masons continually look within themselves.

It is also true that a Mason is a citizen, a true man that transmits his spirit and principles to society. Today, I feel the obligation to instill further lifeblood to the brotherhood of Europe Lodges. In order that our “determination” does not diminish, the moment of realisation has arrived, in the profane area, with a solid gesture, a brotherly European organization. We will utilizes our strength, our united experience, to give solidarity from the Masonic sentiment of unity and brotherhood to those people who are yet to hear our tangible message of true equality between men and the people.

With the certainty of a binding, lasting and profitable Chain of Union, I give you my brotherly embrace.

Luigi L\

Past W\M\ of Lodge Europa No.765, Or\ of Riccione


Lodge Europa No.765 Orient of Riccione

On the days 9th, 10th and 11th of May 2008, was held in Riccione the "1st International Symposium of the "Europa" Lodges which brought together all the Lodges called "Europe" from Italy and the European countries.